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We have been solving drainage problems in the Hickory, NC area for more than three decades.

Sewer LinesDrainage Problems in Hickory – When you rinse something down the drain or flush the toilet in your home, you probably don’t think about the plumbing that runs beneath the ground or within the walls. However, even a small clog can cause drainage problems that will be a headache to repair. If your drains seem to be moving slower than usual, you may want to try some natural options to clear the pipes and allow water to flow through smoothly. If the drain is completely clogged, try plunging it to use pressure and move the clog into the larger main pipe. Boiling water mixed with vinegar is another natural option that can sometimes break up a clog.

At Minyard Plumbing, we are available to help solve your drainage problems. We have been serving customers in the Hickory, North Carolina area for more than three decades. Our goal is to provide quality work at reasonable prices, and you can feel confident in our experience in the industry.

Whether you are dealing with a slow or clogged drain, broken pipe, or faulty water heater, our team can help. We also provide installation and repair of a variety of things in your home, including showers and tubs, toilets, garbage disposals, and faucets, as well as sewer lines and pipes. If your issue occurs on a weekend, feel free to contact us for emergency service. Give us a call if you’d like to schedule a consultation to analyze and develop a plan to fix your drainage problems.

At Minyard Plumbing, Inc., we can fix drainage problems in Hickory, Bethlehem, Conover, Lincolnton, Morganton, Newton, St. Stephens, and Taylorsville, North Carolina.