3 Signs That You Have a Leaky Water Heater [infographic]

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The vast majority of us enjoy access to hot water when we want it through a hot water heater of some sort. Hot water is a wonderful part of our everyday routines, and we often take it for granted until we suddenly don’t have it anymore. Here at Minyard Plumbing, Inc., we want to help you learn to recognize the signs of hot water problems before you are greeted with a cold shower. A leaky water heater can mean wasted water and decreased efficiency, and we wanted to let you know of some signs that can signal your water heater is leaking:

1.  Puddles or pooling around the tank. One of the most important signs is also one of the most obvious signs of a leaky water heater: whether or not you have signs of water leaks around the tank. A leaky water heater will often show up as pooling or puddling water at the base of the tank. This moisture problem needs to be addressed quickly so that further water damage is not incurred.

3 Signs That You Have a Leaky Water Heater

2.  Inconsistent water temperature and pressure. When your water temperature and pressure are not able to stay at a consistent level, it can be a sign of a leaky water heater. While sometimes this issue can be fixed simply by changing out the thermostat, other times it is an issue with the water heater and its ability to hold onto water in the tank.

3.  Hot water runs out quickly. Larger tanks hold more hot water, so it’s not always obvious when a leak is causing you to run out of hot water faster than normal. However, if you notice a sudden decrease in hot water when you should normally have plenty, it is advisable to check your hot water heater.

3 Signs That You Have a Leaky Water Heater

We hope that this information has been helpful to you. If you suspect that you have a leaky water heater, please contact us today.