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During the month of February, while many people are dreaming of roses, chocolates and romantic evenings, there are many others who would like nothing more than a quiet evening in a soothing bubble bath. However, if your bathtub is in need of repairs, then your sudsy, peaceful evening plans may go down the drain!

Bathtub Repair: Fall in Love with Your Bathroom Again!

Bathtub RepairThere are several different bathtub repairs that need professional attention. One of the most common repairs a bathtub needs is to repair a crack or scratch. Over time, especially with older or cast iron tubs, scratches or cracks in the enamel or finish can spread and grow with continued use. Thankfully, these scratches are relatively easy to repair for an experienced plumber. Occasionally a cast iron tub may need to be completely refinished in order to restore it to its original beauty, but the extra time and effort required is well worth it!

Problems with the bathtub faucet are another common reason for bathtub repair. Bathtub faucets are subject to the wear and tear of daily use, so it’s not uncommon for them to leak or have other problems. Whether your faucet needs repairs or you’d like to install a new one to match updated décor, one of our plumbers is the best choice for your faucet needs.

When it comes to enjoying a hot, relaxing bath, don’t let bathtub repairs put a damper on your evening! Check with our professional plumbers to ensure that your bathtub repairs are completed quickly and correctly.