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Bathtub in Hickory, NCWater damage under your bathtub is a problem that often goes unnoticed. When water splashes out of the tub, you may not think much about it. But if your bathtub is not properly sealed, that water can begin to seep under your bathtub and cause trouble. Water damage can rot away wood, wear down the structure holding your bathtub, and also cause mold problems.

This is not the only thing that can happen that could cause your bathtub to start sinking into the floor. The pipes under the tub cannot be easily checked for leaks or wear and tear. If you get leaky water pipes under your bathtub, it will cause problems faster than simply having water seep under during bath time or cleaning the bathroom floor. So what do you do about this?

First, watch for signs of water damage. If your bathtub is on the upper story of your house, be sure to watch for signs of water damage and leaks from underneath in the lower-story rooms. Also, make sure your bathtub is regularly re-sealed to keep water from seeping underneath it. Another think you want to do is pay attention to the age of your bathtub and the pipes. If you begin to get leaky water pipes in other parts of your house, chances are those around the bathtub are also wearing down, as they were probably installed around the same time.

If you are unsure or feel that your bathtub is in danger of sinking through your floor, give us a call. At Minyard Plumbing, we have experts trained to help you keep your pipes in good condition, replace pipes where needed, and protect against water damage. Our professional plumbers will answer any questions you have and check out all your plumbing to be sure everything is in good shape.