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Water Softening in Hickory, NCWhen choosing a water softening system for your home, there are many things you need to take into consideration. It is not just about water softening, but also about space, money, size, and maintaining your system. Most systems use salt or potassium chloride to soften water. Some communities don’t allow for salt water softening systems, and if you are on a low-sodium diet or have high blood pressure, you should opt for the potassium chloride softener. However, the salt, or sodium chloride, water softening systems are much more common.

After determining what type of water softening system you want, you need to determine the size. This is not necessarily referring to the physical size of the system, but rather to the number of hard grains that can be removed from the water.

With our help, you should be able to choose your system and get it installed. But it is up to you to maintain that system. Your system may have the ability to do a self-clean once a month or so. You should be sure this is set to a time when nobody will be using the water. Also, be sure to replace salt pellets as needed and/or any chemicals you need for your system. If you do not care for your system properly, it will not soften your water as it should.

As always, if you need additional information and help, call us at Minyard Plumbing in Hickory, NC. We are more than happy to help you with the process of choosing your water softening system and also with installation.