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Common DIY Mistakes with Dishwasher InstallationSo, you surprised your family with a brand-new dishwasher. You opted for the best one because you figured you’d save money by doing the dishwasher installation yourself. Provided you have a bit of expertise with plumbing, this could be a good solution. However, there are a few pitfalls you need to be aware of that might just make calling a plumber for dishwasher installation the better solution.
Dishwasher Installation in Lincolnton, North Carolina

    • Was the original dishwasher installed properly? It doesn’t take a lot of experience to look at how a current dishwasher is installed and do everything the same way for your new dishwasher installation. The problem with this is when it wasn’t done right to begin with. You could be duplicating something that was the reason your last dishwasher failed. For example, a common mistake made is putting the drain on the wrong side of the trap, which creates the potential for sewer gases to come back into the dishwasher. The absence of the high loop minimum requirement is another common mistake.
    • Do you have the proper tools? If you don’t it could end up being costlier to buy all the tools than it would be to hire the dishwasher installation professional.

    Common DIY Mistakes with Dishwasher Installation

    What happens if there is a problem with the dishwasher? If you install the dishwasher yourself and a problem develops, you might have given the manufacturer an out for honoring the warranty. They may claim it to be a dishwasher installation mistake and not cover the repair or replacement. One dishwasher with professional dishwasher installation is always going to be cheaper than buying two dishwashers or paying a large repair bill.