Do You Need a Plumber?

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There are lots of things that you can do with your property on your own. Hanging some curtains or changing out a lightbulb probably won’t cause any catastrophic disasters However, trying to fix, install or change your plumbing? Those are the types of things that are best left to a professional plumber! Here at Minyard Plumbing, Inc., we know it can be difficult to determine if you need a plumber, so we have set up a few different situations that can help you answer that age-old question: “Do I need a plumber?”

A plumber can help find and neutralize issues
  • High-Pressure Leak- When there are issues with lots of water coming into your home very quickly, you need to know two things: where to turn off the water to your house and which plumber you’re going to call after you do! Having a high-pressure leak is an effective way to cause a lot of water damage very quickly, and it is an issue that a professional should ensure doesn’t happen again.
  • Overflowing Sink/Toilet- If you have a toilet or a sink that is overflowing, you might have an issue down the drain that you can’t see. A plumber can help find and neutralize issues to stop the overflowing problems.
  • No Water- Even though most people call a plumber for a problem that is an excess of water, there are other issues that happen, such as having a complete lack of water. If you have no water and no reason to determine why that might be, calling a plumber can help you find out where the water stopped and why.

To learn more about times when you should call a plumber, please contact us here at Minyard Plumbing, Inc.