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When you encounter drainage problems, it can be a minor annoyance or a major problem. Determining the scope and extent of the drainage problems is the first step to fixing them. First, identify the fixture, fixtures, or floor drains affected by drainage problems. By knowing whether a single sink, a bathroom, or the entire system leading out of the home is affected, it narrows the area where the reduced or blocked flow could be.

Don’t Let Drainage Problems Sink Your Day

Drainage ProblemsOnce the general placement of the drainage problems is located, pinpointing the actual cause will speed the resolution of any issues, as well as the flow of waste water. Over time, the pipes in your home may become narrowed by the accumulation of sediments, minerals, and other waste introduced into the drain. The sewer line between your home and the municipal connection may become compromised by a tree root, age, or the build-up of material inside the pipe. By using a small camera on the end of a snaking flexible tube, each drain can be seen in real time, and location and cause easily found.

In some cases, the treatment can be performed by tools attached to the snake, and professional snakes can easily see every drain in the house or from the floor drain down the sewer line towards the municipal connection point. Many pipe cleaning solutions are designed to combat only one type of problem, so professional intervention is usually the simplest and most complete way to ensure that your drains continue to do their job over the long term.

Whether your Hickory, NC home is having trouble with a sink or sewer line, bathtub or shower, new construction or renovation, our team at Minyard Plumbing, Inc. has the right solution for you at a reasonable price with the quality work you deserve.