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Maybe You Don’t Need Water Repair After All – Top Benefits of Cold Showers

If you are struggling with a water heater that isn’t working like you want, it can be particularly frustrating to deal with cold showers. If you haven’t yet been able to get around to calling for water heater repair, it might help to learn that there are actually some benefits involved with cold showers.

  • Easing muscle pain. There is a reason why some professional athletes take an ice bath after a heavy day of training. It is proven to sooth tired and aching muscles. You can get the same benefit without the ice by taking a cold shower. Give it a try after a workout and you’ll see a difference that will make it worth it.
  • Better skin and hair. Cold water tightens the pores in your skin and promotes scalp health and follicle strength. Hot showers dry out your skin and can leave your hair dull and lifeless. Give cold showers a try if you have oily skin or acne, too. It might just surprise you how effective this can be.
  • Metabolism boost. Did you know that your body uses fat as fuel to warm you up? Taking a cold shower could boost your metabolism and burn fat, beefing up your weight loss results. No, you can’t take a 20-hour cold shower and lose 20 pounds, but it will help get that metabolism moving.
  • Immune system boost. It is commonly thought that enjoying a long hot shower when feeling under the weather is a good idea, but it might surprise you that a cold shower can be even more effective. As already noted, it is good for easing aches which can accompany illness. However, by kicking up white blood cells you could get that extra disease-fighting boost you need to get well sooner.
  • Wake up! Yes, that cold shower is perfect for increasing alertness.

You can gain many of these benefits by just turning the water to cold for the last few moments. If you find you can’t get any hot water at all, that’s a different story, and our professionals at Minyard Plumbing Inc. are happy to help. Call us and we’ll get your water heater repair taken care of!