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Drainage Problems in Hickory, NCIt is not as uncommon as you might think to find that your yard is not properly draining after a rainstorm. However, even if you choose to ignore it, the problem will not go away and may actually cause additional problems. Standing water, caused by drainage problems, can cause your grass and plants to die, and can also lure in mosquitos to set up camp on your property.

These type of drainage problems, such as standing water in your yard or getting puddles in your basement, might be easy to see and therefore can be fixed accordingly. But sometimes you can have drainage problems that you didn’t know existed. For example, have you ever thought about the rain water dripping over the edge of your gutters? This means that your have a blockage up there that needs to be cleared out in order for them to drain properly. If you don’t clear out the gutters to allow that water to drain, it will sit and cause damage to your house, and possibly leak into your attic. Also, have you looked to make sure your rain water is draining away from the house? If it is dumping close to the home, it could be running back in toward the foundation and causing those puddles in your basement.

By watching for water stains in the basement and cracks in the foundation, you can catch any drainage problems early, so there isn’t more damage done. And if the water in the yard isn’t draining on its own, it could be that you need to install a drainage system to allow the water to run out.

There are several factors that cause drainage problems. But by looking into the most obvious ones and finding the solutions as mentioned above, you should be able to maintain and fix the drainage problems before they become a disaster. If you are not sure if the water is draining from your property as it should and need some advice, call us at Minyard Plumbing today. We’ll do what we can to fix your drainage problems as efficiently as possible.