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Fixture InstallationWhen it comes to utility sinks, many people think to themselves, “Sure, it could be useful, but how often will I really use it?” The truth is that utility sinks are an overlooked workhorse in any home! While they may not be the most attractive component of your home or the first thought that comes to mind regarding fixture installation, it will definitely be used on a frequent basis. Wondering what a utility sink can do that a regular sink can’t? Take a moment to think about these options.

o   Soaking. One of the best ways to utilize your utility sink is for soaking items of clothing before putting them in the wash. Utility sinks can be used to soak items like sheets or towels while freeing up the washer to clean other items in the meantime.

o   Rinsing. Mud, grass, dust, dirt, and sand are all materials that we spend a great amount of time trying to keep out of the house! After the fixture installation process for a utility sink, items covered in mud or other substances can be rinsed before they ever enter the house. Additionally, a utility sink is great for washing sneakers, boots or other shoes that can’t go into a washing machine.

o   Mopping. Trying to rinse a mop or fill a bucket in a kitchen or bathroom sink can be difficult, to say the least. A utility sink allows you to complete this chore without trying to lift a heavy bucket out of a high sink or rinsing a mop over the dishes you ate from this morning.
A utility sink can be used in oodles of ways. If you would like to have this fixture installed in your laundry room or garage, contact us at Ace Hardware Home Services for assistance.