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Drain Cleaning in Hickory, NCHow often do you clean your drains? Only when they smell bad? When they get clogged? When you have special guests coming over? In truth, you should probably spend more time cleaning drains, so you don’t have to deal with catastrophes and emergencies later.

Regular drain cleaning is a practice that will keep your drains in good condition and help prevent buildup that causes clogs and leaks. So what must you do to clean your drains often and not have it become a big ordeal? Start by regularly doing simple maintenance on each drain. Drain cleaning doesn’t have to be a huge, dirty experience. For example, installing a hair trap or cleaning your hair out of the shower drain after each shower keeps it from building up into a slimy, black glob later. Also, making sure to run water for a bit longer after you use the garbage disposal, even after the food is gone, will help it wash down the waste without getting stuck. Drain cleaning for smelly drains can be as simple using drain cleaners or home remedies, such as baking soda and vinegar, to break down whatever is causing the nasty smell.

There are many small things you can do to stay ahead in your drain cleaning. But even the best housekeeper cannot keep all drains clean all the time. When a problem occurs, call us at Ace Hardware Home Services in Hickory, NC, and we will come out to fix pipes, unclog toilets, and do drain cleaning for you.