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Leaky Water Pipes in Hickory, NC Leaky water pipes can be more than a minor pain. What appears to be a small issue can actually just be the display of a larger issue already in progress. By the time you start seeing water stains on the walls or in the ceiling, you probably already have quite a bit of water damage inside the structure. The small visible amount of water damage is just the extra that has seeped out over time from a much larger amount of water leaking into the house’s walls or floor.

Sometimes you are lucky, and the leaking actually happens in an open area where you can see the pipes, such as under a sink. If this is the case, it is good to first prevent the water from spreading and causing damage, warping, or mold. Use towels and a bucket or bowl to catch the water and soak it up quickly. If it is a draining pipe, try not to use the drain until it is fixed. If it is an inletting water pipe, such as to the washing machine, cut off the water supply and leave it off until it is fixed.

When you first see signs of leaky water pipes, you should immediately call a professional, especially when you cannot get inside the walls to assess the damage and fix the leak. Here at Minyard Plumbing in Hickory, NC, we provide the services needed to fix leaky water pipes and stop the damage from spreading further. If you suspect you have leaky water pipes, call us today to get the problem fixed before it becomes a major issue.