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A municipal water or sewer line rupturing usually makes the evening news both for the disruption it can make in a day, as well as the potential destruction it can cause. Knowing how sewer lines function can help you better understand how your home or business connects to the larger sewer system and how to best maintain your sewer connection.

Know Your Municipal Connection: Sewer Lines

Sewer LinesSewer lines and sewer systems are controlled usually by a city or county system, but the overarching regulations for these systems are a function of federal law under the Clean Water Act. Your state or local leaders may have additional laws, rules, or regulations in place in order to improve groundwater quality and protect against releasing dangerous substances or chemicals into groundwater, lakes, streams, rivers, and other sources of water. The goal in these systems is to protect human life and livelihood, as well as avoid irreparably damaging the environment. Some cities keep their storm runoff separate from their sewer, while some older municipalities operate a combined system.

While many materials have been used in the course of the past century as sewer lines, there are three general materials used today for sewer lines. First is cast iron, which is strong and durable, but prone to rust over time. PVC and ABS pipe are both plastics very well-suited to the job of carrying sewage from your home or business to the main sewer lines.

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