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faucetsToday, kitchen technology goes way beyond single-cup coffee machines and gimmicky handheld blenders. New products on the market are two steps ahead of consumers’ needs, and they can cut hours off daily routines. If you’re planning a dream kitchen, there are two technological innovations that are must-haves: a smart refrigerator and user-friendly faucets.

If you are the main meal preparer at home, a smart fridge will be your best friend. These incredible appliances are able to ‘learn’ which items you use most and even send you a message when you need to restock. A smart refrigerator can also access its contents and assist you build a grocery list. For maximum control, you can program it to alert you when it’s opened, and even display a ‘keep out of the fridge’ message to your children when they come home from school!

Now to the faucets – if you’ve ever tried to fill a massive stock pot with water only to discover it won’t fit in the sink, or manually had to turn a faucet on after you’ve been prepping raw chicken, then Moen’s new line of kitchen faucets are for you. Faucets like the Hayfield single-handle pull-down sprayer models hold the solution to both these problems. Motionsense technology responds to your hand movements to activate water flow, and then Reflex technology takes over to retract the handle and put the faucet away.