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Plumber Spring is the perfect time to do a little bit more than just spring cleaning. It is ideal for having your plumber stop by and do a bit of preventative maintenance on your plumbing. Your plumber can check for any problems the long winter may have caused and put your mind at ease that everything is working properly.

  • Kitchen – In the kitchen, your plumber will check the pipes to be sure there aren’t any leaks that could be damaging to your cabinets and wasting water. He can spot even small leaks that haven’t yet caused any damage. He will check all your water supply valves to be sure they turn easily. This step is important because if you ever need to shut off the water in an emergency and the valve won’t turn, you won’t be able to do so. Other things he can check are your garbage disposal, water lines to the icemaker in your freezer, faucets and sink drains.
  • Bathrooms – Your plumber can check that your toilet is operating correctly with no leaks or drainage problems. Sink and shower drains are also checked and perhaps cleaned. The faucets and shower heads are inspected.
  • Other – The plumber will check your water heater to be sure it is operating correctly and has no leaks. He may recommend that it be flushed out to get rid of any sediment that has built up in it. All outdoor hose bibs will be checked as well as lines going to them to check for leaking and to see that the valves are operating smoothly. All supply hoses to appliances will be checked for leaks or weakened areas that could indicate they could rupture soon. Drains are also checked to be sure they are flowing properly including all septic pipes. If you have a sump pump, it will be tested.

While having this checklist performed by your plumber won’t eliminate something going wrong later in the year, it can catch some things before they become more expensive to fix. Today’s small leak can easily become tomorrow’s large leak, so prevention is the key.