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Drip, drip, drip. Do you hear that? That’s the sound of water (and money!) leaking through your water pipes. Leaky water pipes do more than just increase your water bill. Left untreated, leaky water pipes can do quite a bit of damage before the leak is located, especially if the pipe is enclosed within a wall or underground. In order to prevent your plumbing pipes from leaking, we have compiled a list of some common causes of leaky water pipes.

Plumbing: 4 Common Causes of Leaky Water Pipes

1)      Temperature Changes. An everyday household uses both hot and cold water throughout the day. These fluctuating temperatures from the changes in water temperature combined with changes in the season can result in the expansion and contraction of your plumbing pipes. Small cracks running through the pipe may have been fine in the summer, but come winter time, water can enter the cracks, freeze, and expand.

Plumbing2)      Water Pressure. Without a water pressure regulator, pressure in your plumbing pipes can be quite strong at times. Left unchecked, this pressure can burst or crack the pipes, leading them to leak.

3)      Settling or Shifting Foundation. Even if your home was built to last, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t built with a little wiggle room! Homes settle and shift, expand and contract with time and with the changing seasons. These gradual changes can loosen attachments in your pipes, eventually causing leaks.

4)      Clogs. Every home has dealt with or will deal with a plumbing clog. Many are small and easily fixed, but occasionally a larger clog can cause damage to the joint of the pipe and result in a leak. We plumbers have seen endless ways to clog a pipe, so look for slow drainage to prevent a clog from damaging your pipes.

If you’re concerned you might have a leaky water pipe, it may be helpful to call one of our plumbing experts to ensure your leaky water pipes don’t turn into a gushing geyser!

Plumbing: 4 Common Causes of Leaky Water Pipes