Plumbing Goes High-Tech: Sewer Camera Inspections

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Smart phones and electric cars are a few examples of the upgrades we are benefiting from living in this high-tech world. Did you know the plumbing industry got a tech upgrade as well? It’s true — the plumbing industry is improving their ability to serve customers and fix issues with new technology. One example of high-tech upgrades in plumbing is sewer camera inspections. If you want to learn more about sewer camera inspection, check out the article below.

high-tech upgrades in plumbing is sewer camera inspections

Sewer camera inspections allow a plumber to take a deep look into sewer and plumbing issues that were never possible before. A small camera is attached to cord, which is then inserted into pipes; this allows a plumber to better identify clogs, leaks, cracks, and other potential plumbing problem causers. A sewer camera inspection is also great to utilize when you are considering buying a home; a major plumbing problem can make or break your decision to purchase a home. To be able to conduct a sewer camera inspection, a plumber must be trained and experienced in properly using this high-tech device.

Here at Minyard Plumbing, Inc., our expert plumbers are trained, certified, insured and have lots of experience with sewer camera inspections. Give us a call today to schedule your inspection! We are committed to our customers and are available 24 hours a day for after-hours emergency services.