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Garbage Disposal in Hickory, NCGarbage disposals are a fabulous invention that keeps kitchen drains unclogged and makes food preparation easier to clean up. However, though you might think of your garbage disposal as a fabulous cure-all for kitchen cleaning and food prep, it actually comes with its own set of problems . . . problems you should probably be aware of before you face them.

Though it may seem like you can put any food down the garbage disposal and it will disappear like magic, it is not always a wise choice. Your garbage disposal can actually become clogged when things like carrot, potato, and cucumber peels or anything greasy slip through. Because small strips of food can slip past the blades and down the sides of the garbage disposal without being chopped up, you should try to avoid using your garbage disposal for many types of food. Liquid grease can also effectively clog your disposal when it hardens. So what can you put into the disposal? The best rule of thumb is, if you can put it in the garbage instead, do it. Only use the garbage disposal when absolutely necessary.

Another thing you should be aware of is that your garbage disposal will not last forever. Garbage disposals typically have a good, long life, but like every other appliance, they will eventually get old and die. Sometimes without any warning, it will start to make a sound like it’s grinding your food down, but it will not drain the water or will get stuck. This could be a warning that its life is over. However, be aware that this could also be an indication of something stuck in the garbage disposal that should not be in there. Always, always make sure the garbage disposal is off before reaching inside to clear out anything that should not be there.

If your garbage disposal is clogged, dying, or damaged, it is best to call us at Ace Hardware Home Services to help. You may not have thought much about the garbage disposal; however, replacing it or fixing it can be daunting. Plus you have to deal with the sharp blades and grinders inside if you are attempting to unclog or repair it. That’s why it’s best to let us handle it for you. At Ace Hardware Home Services in Hickory, NC, our professional plumbers are equipped to handle your needs and get your kitchen sink and garbage disposal back in running order in no time!