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sewer pipeAs a homeowner, you know that a sewer pipe transports wastewater from your home to a main line underground. Other than that, you probably give little thought to your sewer line. However, a clog could result in raw sewage backing up in the drains and causing terrible damage to your home. If you understand and respond to early warning signs, you can stave off serious plumbing and sewer problems. The most common red flags are gurgling sounds coming from drains and/or water backing up out of a toilet or drain.

Basically, your home is going to talk to you. If you hear a toilet start to percolate (sounds like a coffee pot) when you’ve finished using the washing machine, or there’s water around the basement floor drain, those are real telltale signs. Your house is essentially set up like a tree – you’ve got one main sewer pipe (the trunk) that runs out of your home, and then you have smaller pipes (the branches) off that. If there’s a clog in the main line, this means that any water you run in your home will cause issues.

The primary cause of sewer pipe clogs is tree roots, especially in older homes. In new homes, common causes of blockages include paper towels, feminine hygiene products, and even thick toilet paper.

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