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Sewer CameraSewer cameras are to your pipes what endoscopic and arthroscopic cameras are to medical procedures. These are minimally invasive ways to look at how things are moving and flowing out of sight without costly and lengthy processes to open up the area to take a look. In the world of surgery, many problems can be diagnosed and fixed with only a tiny incision for the camera to go inside. In the world of plumbing, a sewer camera can start at any available drain, and professional models have the length to observe the pipe all the way to the street connection.

How Can a Sewer Camera Help Diagnose My Plumbing Problem?

By starting from the drain, the sewer camera will be able to tell in near-real-time what the actual issues or issues might be with your plumbing system. Blockages in pipes, tree roots growing into the sewer line, or even the buildup that occurs over time can be diagnosed, pinpointing where treatment or repairs might be needed. For example, there’s no need to dig up the entire sewer line when the problem spot can be pinpointed. Doing this saves you time, money, and sometimes half your landscaping, while allowing the plumbing crew to do their best work at the precise spot that needs it most.

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