Consider a Sewer Camera Inspection in These Situations [infographic]

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Sewer Camera InspectionFor the most part, a clogged sewer line may be frustrating, but it is easy to clear. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and it can be difficult to know what is actually going on in the sewer line without seeing it firsthand. Since mankind doesn’t have X-ray vision, the next best thing is a sewer camera inspection. There are actually a few situations where a sewer camera inspection can be helpful:

  • Pre-closing house inspection – When you use a home inspector to check out the house you are getting ready to purchase, they only check to see if the toilets flush and the drains work. That doesn’t mean that there is nothing adverse going on with the sewer lines, only that they haven’t become symptomatic just yet. Consider adding a sewer camera inspection to your pre-closing inspection tasks for complete peace of mind.
  • Stubborn clogs – If nothing else is working to remove a stubborn clog, the problem may be more complex. There could be roots growing into your sewer lines or some other broken line situation. It could also be that something larger and non-biodegradable was put down the toilet – a common situation in households with small children. Sewer camera inspection will allow the technician to see what the situation is and then be able to devise a plan for resolving it.
  • Location – If you do have a sewer pipe that needs to be replaced, using sewer camera inspection will tell the technician exactly where it is resulting in less of your yard being dug up to resolve the problem.

Sewer camera inspections must be done by a trained technician, particularly when it comes to resolving the problem as well. You’re in capable hands when you call us at Ace Hardware Home Services since we’ve been in business since 1983.

Consider a Sewer Camera Inspection in These Situations