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Sewer Camera Inspection

It’s early morning. You are rushing to get ready, and while brushing your teeth, you notice the water in the sink is backed up. You shut the water off and watch as the water slowly drains. Then while rinsing your breakfast dishes at the kitchen sink, you notice the water start to pool there, too. Your heart sinks because you know there has to be a clog somewhere.

Or perhaps you are buying your first home. You search and search until you finally find the perfect property. The current owners and the inspection say the plumbing is good, but it’s an older home and you are nervous about the pipes. What if there is an issue that was missed? These situations are common and happen to all of us.

At Minyard Plumbing, Inc., we have been helping clients in the Hickory, North Carolina area with their pipes for 34 years. We are happily able to offer our clients the option of a sewer camera inspection.

A sewer camera inspection is exactly what it sounds like. As licensed and trained technicians, we take a camera attached to a very long and versatile cord and scope your plumbing pipes. Our unique training and expertise allow us to spot problems and then come up with solutions to any we find. The good thing is that with the sewer camera inspection, we won’t have to fix problems multiple times or try to guess at what is going on. We will have a real live feed, showing us the problem, and we can get started fixing it as quickly as possible.

So whether we are called to scope a problem that has already reared its head or to give you peace of mind on pipes you have no rapport with, we are dedicated to making your sewer camera inspection a flawless and successful experience.