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A functional garbage disposal helps streamline your washing up routine and helps keep your sink and pipes clean. If you start to experience problems with your garbage disposal, it could disrupt your normal kitchen routine, from disposing of food waste to washing dishes or even cooking. We at Minyard Plumbing, Inc. want to help you keep your kitchen running smoothly, which means helping you keep your garbage disposal in good working order. Here are some signs to watch out for that may indicate you need garbage disposal repair.

  • Weird Noises- All garbage disposals will make noise, but pay attention any time your disposal becomes noticeably louder or makes a different sound than it usually does. Sometimes the issue could be a simple matter of a lost spoon jamming the blades, but if there are no visible blockages, the problem could be that the components are out of alignment. In most cases, this is a fairly simple garbage disposal repair, and our team can take care of it in no time.
  • Frequent Resets- Sometimes your garbage disposal needs to recover after a particularly large load or a clog, which is what the reset button is for. However, a disposal that’s in good shape shouldn’t need to be reset that often, so if you find yourself having to do so frequently it’s a strong indicator that you need garbage disposal repair.
  • Inexplicable Clogs-To avoid clogging your garbage disposal, experts recommend washing food down in small amounts rather than all at once. However, if your loads consistently jam your disposal no matter how small they are, the problem is likely not your cleaning habits. If your disposal starts clogging for no reason, call our team to find out whether you need garbage disposal repair.