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Water Heater LeakA water heater leak can be challenging, frustrating, and potentially dangerous to you and your loved ones if not properly diagnosed and resolved. In order to solve the leak, it’s necessary to determine the location of the water heater leak, which can usually be solved with a visual inspection. First, determine the amount of water involved in the leak. A ruptured water tank will often pour many gallons of scalding water all over the floor, but even a small leak can cause issues over time or signal a problem that can be fixed before your home incurs thousands of dollars of water damage.

The second step to determining the cause of your water heater leak is to turn off the heating supply and water supply. These will be different if your water heater is gas or electric, and you’ll need to stay clear of the leak while doing so. Once the water supply and power or gas line are turned off, start from the top and work your way down. Leaks in pipes leading into or out of the tank are easier and less expensive than repairs or replacement of the water heater, so the pipes, flex lines, water heater nipples, and relief line are all areas where leaks can occur. If these seem clear, check the drain line near the bottom of the water heater or around the base of the tank. Water pooling at the base of the tank is usually indicative of a water heater leak from the tank.

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