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Drain CleaningYou know you do it; you let those little plumbing jobs go unattended week after week, month after month. You mean to get to them, but somehow never find the time. That slow drain that needs cleaning, the leaky faucet, the new shower head you’ve been promising your spouse — all waiting for the “someday” you will finally get them done. Well, today is the day!

No, it isn’t the day you have to give up your golf game and trudge all over the supply store trying to find the right materials. It is the day you call a plumber and arrange for everything to be taken care of for you. How simple was that? And, here’s the best part – it can all be done with a special discount!

For a limited time, you can receive a special discount on plumbing services, such as drain cleaning, faucet repair, or installation of new items such as a tankless water heater or high-efficiency toilet.  Minyard Plumbing is currently offering a 15% discount (up to $30 off!) on their services. To take advantage of this discount, click here for more information.

Homeowners have been trusting Minyard Plumbing’s three generations of plumbers to serve their plumbing needs since 1983, and now you can do so at a discount!  Call today – then you can get doing something more fun than that annoying to-do list you’ve been putting off.