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There are four major considerations about whether tankless hot water heaters or their tank-bearing cousins are right for your home or business. Let’s break it down and see who comes out ahead.

Tankless Hot Water Heaters vs. Tank Hot Water Heaters

  • Size – Tankless hot water heaters definitely win this category. Because they heat water on demand, they don’t have to store it for later use. If your utility space is compact, this could be the best solution for you.
  • Multiple Lines – Both tankless hot water heaters and tank heaters have the ability to support multiple lines at once, whether it be for washing dishes, taking a shower, or doing laundry. Depending on how many people are in the home or business and how much demand is placed on the system at one time, you’ll be able to calculate whether a tankless system can meet this high-use situation, or if having a reservoir of hot water is worth that investment.
  • Tankless Hot Water HeatersPower Source – Water heaters are usually gas or electric powered, and the comparative price of these two energy sources might make the difference in your area. Because of the point demand of tankless hot water heaters, a slightly heavier-duty gas line or electrical connection is usually required.
  • Energy Costs – Over a decade or two of use, the lower energy costs of a tankless water heater can make all the difference. These prices can fluctuate, so consider the historical trends, as well.

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