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Tankless Water Heaters: What Are They and How Can They Benefit You?
There is one thing in our homes that we may take for granted, and that is our water, particularly our hot water. There are a few different options on how to heat your water, but the main two are a traditional storage water heater and a more modern choice– the tankless water heater. So what is the difference between the two, and how can one benefit you more than the other?

In order to really gauge the benefit of one water heater over another, you have to understand a little bit about how each works. A traditional storage water heater has a reservoir of stored water, usually around 20-80 gallons, depending on the size you have. The tank is always being heated, and as you use the water on the top of the reservoir, cold water is added to the bottom.

A tankless water heater operates differently. Instead of having a reservoir of water that is continuously being heated, the water is heated as you use it. The cold water travels through the pipe into the unit where it is heated either by a gas burner or an electrical system, and then it is immediately delivered to your tap.

So now that you know how they work, you can better understand the advantages of each type of water heater. Tankless water heaters may have a higher cost at the install level; however, over time, the energy you save will offset any initial costs. In some homes, multiple tankless heaters are needed, so you aren’t stretching your hot water output too much. Even with the cost of multiple heaters, you will still save money over the long haul. Firstly, a tankless water heater is not continuously running and heating water, so you are saving money on gas, electric, or other energy costs. You are only using as much energy as you need, and there is very little to no standby heat loss like you find in storage heaters.

Secondly, tankless water heaters last longer than their storage heater counterparts, due to the fact that they are not continuously running. Tankless water heaters typically last 20 years and have easily replaceable parts that will extend that lifespan. Storage water heaters last approximately 10-15 years.

At Minyard Plumbing, Inc., we recognize that trying to find the right type of water heating source can be overwhelming. We want you to know that we have 34 years of experience selecting and installing water heaters in the Hickory, North Carolina area. We are committed to helping you understand the benefits of a tankless water heater and want to help you obtain your energy saving goals. So if you are ready to make the jump from tank to tankless, don’t hesitate to call us.