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When you hire our plumbing contractors, you are trusting us with your home or business. A small mistake with the plumbing can lead to a huge leak and water damage to your property. Because of this, most people feel more comfortable knowing that our plumbers undergo significant training in order to do their job.

What Training Do Plumbing Contractors Undergo?

  • Plumbing ContractorBasic Education- Although plumbing contractors don’t need a specific college degree, they will have to complete high school and almost always have undergone additional training. The best ones will have attended a formal training program of some sort, such as those at community colleges or technical schools. During school, they will learn about fittings, valves, venting, piping, and water drainage and supply systems. To become a plumber, someone needs to have good math skills, as this is a key part of the job.
  • Apprenticeships- Before completing jobs on their own, plumbing contractors will undergo an apprenticeship. The programs for apprenticeships vary, but they will combine classroom instruction with training on the job and usually last four or five years. This is when the plumber will get hands-on experience, become familiar with local codes for plumbing, and cement his or her knowledge.
  • Licensing- The majority of states require plumbing contractors to become licensed before working by themselves. To become licensed, you will need at least four years’ worth of experience and insurance. You then have to take an exam and pay a fee to become licensed.

Some plumbers will also choose to get additional certification, although this is not required.