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Unique Uses for Utility Sinks

It might surprise you how many people opt not to have utility sinks installed in a new home and how many people use theirs more for storage than actually using it. It is a shame really because there are some pretty unique and useful ways to use utility sinks that you might not have thought about.

  • Pet Bathing – Utility sinks are nice and deep, making them an ideal spot for bathing a smaller pet. They can feel more comfortable because an escape route is not as visible. The working height means bathing your pet is easier on your back. Outfit it with a pull-out faucet with sprayer feature and you have an ideal pet bathing location.
  • Extra Cooler – Having a party and need a spot to keep the sodas cold? Toss some ice in the utility sink and you have a nice spot that won’t take up space in your refrigerator. Utility sinks are great to put just about anything on ice that you need to. Just make sure to give it a good cleaning first!
  • Wet Clothes or Shoes – Coming into your home on a rainy day means finding a place to put your wet things. Utility sinks are perfect for this because they also provide a spot to wash off mud and debris. They are also great for putting snow or ice-covered items, so the melt off doesn’t make a mess.

Storm Preparation – When you have a storm bearing down on you, preparations include filling everything you can with water, so you have a good supply should the storm cause an issue. Utility sinks give you that one more place you can do that.