What to Know About Garbage Disposal Repair

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A dysfunctional garbage disposal can be stinky, difficult to use, and troublesome. Here’s how to know when your garbage disposal is in need of repair or replacement:

What to Know About Garbage Disposal Repair

  • Leaky: Signs of leaking may indicate a device with cracks, deteriorated seals, a gasket in disrepair, or a broken flange.
  • Lagging: If you notice your disposal speed changing, you may want your plumber to come repair what’s likely dull blades in your garbage disposal.
  • Jamming often: If you notice your garbage disposal jamming or humming frequently, you may want to have a plumber come diagnose and repair the issue — which is often dull blades or inadequate power.
  • Backed up or not draining water: If you see accumulated water sitting in your sink often, garbage disposal repair may be needed to solve this problem.

Garbage disposal repair is often required if the device has been used incorrectly. Here are some items you should not put down your garbage disposal:

  • Coffee grounds: This will turn into a paste that can build up and could lead to a clog.
  • Rice, pasta, bread: These food items expand after absorbing water and can also clog your drain and lead to garbage disposal malfunction.
  • Nuts, shells, pits, and seeds: Foods like these are too hard for your disposal and can lead to clogged drains or dulled blades.
  • Grease, oil, and fat: These products are all likely to congeal and collect in your drain, leading to a need for garbage disposal repair.