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Got a leaky toilet? Call our team to take care of it fast.

Leaky Toilet in Hickory, North CarolinaLeaky Toilet in Hickory – A leaky toilet is an unpleasant problem that no one should have to deal with. If you notice that your toilet has developed a leak, you can call our team at Minyard Plumbing, Inc., to get it taken care of as soon as possible. We are proud to serve the Hickory, North Carolina area and will do everything within our power to get your home back to normal in short order.

When you call, we’ll always take the time to answer your questions and address your concerns to your satisfaction. We’re happy to discuss the work we do, so don’t hesitate to inquire about our methods or how we arrive at the solution we recommend. We are a family business and are committed to upholding our reputation for transparency, accountability, and excellence.

There several possible causes for a leaky toilet, the most common ones tend to involve problems with the mechanism inside the tank. Often, a leaky toilet can be fixed with a repair to a specific part, but occasionally we may have to replace a part or even the toilet itself. Our team will thoroughly investigate to determine the source of the problem, then go over the issue with you and recommend a solution. Once we have your approval, we will make the necessary repair, making sure to keep the hassle to a minimum.

While it may seem like a minor problem, a leaky toilet can lead to mold growth or other damage if left unaddressed. If you notice a leak in your toilet, call our team at Minyard Plumbing, Inc. as soon as possible to set up a consultation.

At Minyard Plumbing, Inc., we can fix leaky toilets in Hickory, Bethlehem, Conover, Lincolnton, Morganton, Newton, St. Stephens, and Taylorsville, North Carolina.