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Plumbing Services, Taylorsville, NC

We offer all the plumbing services you could want and need.

Plumbing Services in Taylorsville, North CarolinaWhen you call a plumber, you want them to take care of all your plumbing needs in one shot. After all, you don’t have time to make multiple calls to different plumbing contractors, finding the best time for all of them to come in and work. This is why the contractor you choose should offer a comprehensive selection of plumbing services designed to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Here at Minyard Plumbing, Inc., we offer all the plumbing services you could ever want or need. Turn to us for help in Taylorsville, North Carolina if you need to:

  • Clear out clogs from your drainage system and speed up the drains in your sinks and showers
  • Install a new fixture in your bathroom or kitchen
  • Install a water filter or water treatment system
  • Deal with a plumbing emergency, like a leaky pipe or backed-up toilet
  • Fix a leaky faucet or toilet that won’t stop running
  • Install a new garbage disposal or repair one that’s having problems

Custom service is our top priority, so whatever job you need done in your home, we’ve got you covered! Expect nothing but excellent workmanship and service when you turn to us for plumbing services for your home or your business.

Your plumbing needs and your calls for service will never be ignored when you turn to us at Minyard Plumbing, Inc.! Want to know more about our plumbing services and everything we offer? Get in touch with us today to speak with a member of our team.



At Minyard Plumbing, Inc., we offer high-quality plumbing services in TaylorsvilleHickory, Lenoir, Bethlehem, Conover, Lincolnton, Morganton, Newton, and, St. Stephens, North Carolina.